AGBOTIFAYO EMPIRE AGBOTIFAYO is an IFA Spiritual Chief Priest, also known as an Ifa Priest or Babalawo, is a spiritual leader or practitioner of the Ifa religion. Ifa is a traditional African spiritual practice that originated in the Yoruba culture of West Africa and is now practiced by millions of people worldwide, particularly in Nigeria and the African diaspora.

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The Chief Priest IFADARE AYEDUN, Popularly known as AGBOTIFAYO EMPIRE, is a highly respected and renowned practitioner of the traditional Yoruba spiritual system know as IFA CHIEF PRIEST/ BABALAWO. With deep-rooted ancestral ties to the spiritual traditions of his people. The IFA Chief Priest AGBOTIFAYO EMPIRE has dedicated his life to serving and guiding individuals on their spiritual paths.

The IFA Chief Priest IFADARE AYEDUN OWODUNI was Born in the vibrant city of Isara-Remo Ogun State, Nigeria. The Chief Priest IFADARE AYEDUN OWODUNI was initiated to the DIVINETY SACRED PALM ( IFA ) at his teenage by his father, who was also a revered IFA Chief Priest . Under the tutelage of his grandfather, Ifadare Ayedun immersed himself in the ancient teachings, rituals, and practices of Ifa, honing his skills as a diviner and developing a profound understanding of the metaphysical realm.


Over the years, Babalawo Ifadare Ayedun has become one of the most sought-after and respected Chief Priests in his community and beyond. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the vast Ifa literature and can interpret the divination system with precision and accuracy. His wise counsel and insightful guidance have provided clarity and direction to countless people who have sought his services.

Babalawo Ifadare Ayedun’s reputation as a healer and spiritual advisor has earned him the title of Agbotifayo Empire. Agbotifayo, which means “one who sees the future,” is a testament to his extraordinary ability to provide illuminating foresight and navigate the complexities of life.

Beyond his role as a diviner, Babalawo Ifadare Ayedun is also passionate about preserving and promoting Yoruba cultural heritage. He actively engages in various community initiatives, ceremonies, and festivals, and special benefits of roots and herbs  and ensuring that the deep-rooted traditions of the Yoruba people remain alive and vibrant for future generations.

With humility and compassion, Babalawo Ifadare Ayedun continues to be a pillar of support for those seeking spiritual solace and guidance. His unwavering dedication to the principles of Ifa, coupled with his extensive knowledge and experience, has made him a revered figure within the Yoruba spiritual community and beyond. Through his teachings and rituals, he aims to empower individuals, reconnect them with their inner selves, and help them find harmony and purpose in their lives.

As an IFA Chief Priest and Babalawo, Ifadare Ayedun’s significant contribution to the spiritual and cultural landscape of the Yoruba people has earned him respect and admiration from all who seek his guidance. His commitment to serving humanity and preserving the sacred traditions of Ifa makes Babalawo Ifadare Ayedun an invaluable asset to his community and a beacon of light for countless souls.


Agbotifayo Empire speaks on big plans for music

As the music industry continues to experience boom and more music acts emerge on the scene, music artiste, Ayedun Ifadare, also known as Agbotifayo, has hinted about his music plans before the end of the year.

The singer who doubles as a traditional priest said he has been working on some music projects and collaborations that will come to the fore anytime soon.

Despite the misconceptions about his personality as a priest and singer, the famous priest disclosed that making music and understanding traditional practices would not hamper his music plans

The Ogun State-born traditionalist maintained that he had worked with a number of music artistes in the past few years and is looking forward making new collaborations in order to position himself positively ahead of the festive season.

Speaking further about his plans, he added that he would be unveiling new music content soon even as he pointed out that he has been in and around the entertainment industry for a while and understands what his fans desire.

I am excited about the dimension things are taking for my craft. People who don’t know me tend to confuse my personality with my traditional beliefs. Music is one thing I am passionate about as it helps me reach out to more people and I am looking forward to more music collaborations,” he added.

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize our expertise in ancient spiritual and magical practices to bring physical and emotional balance to everyone through spiritual guidance. We aim to provide accessible and comprehensive resources, tools, and teachings that empower individuals to connect with their inner selves, cultivate a deeper understanding of spiritual traditions, and harness the power of ancient practices for their well-being.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to support individuals in their journey towards self-discovery, healing, and personal growth, while fostering a sense of connection to the mystical and spiritual realms. Through our mission, we strive to inspire individuals to embrace their own spiritual path and experience the transformative benefits of ancient wisdom in their daily lives.


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